Sustainable cardboard utensils and forks

Sustainable Food Packaging for WA

We know the packaging industry is a huge contributor to pollution and plastic waste. We’re doing what we can to change that by engaging positive packaging practices (sustainable food packaging) for the generations ahead of us. Here’s how.

Ethical sourcing.

As a leading Western Australian manufacturer of responsible packaging for the foodservice industry, Profile Packaging has adopted a sustainable and green approach to business. Our team follows a strong code of ethical sourcing by:

  • Using BPA free, food grade materials.
  • Sourcing recyclable and degradable materials where possible.
  • Utilising our production facility powered by locally sourced, 100% eco-friendly, bio-gas renewable energy.

Responsible contribution.

Accredited with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and as members of APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation), we reach and exceed industry sustainability targets. We go beyond being compliant to set the benchmark in how it’s done.

The “Closed Loop”.

The Closed Loop system goes further than just reducing and recycling; it’s also about reusing. We have the opportunity to not just reduce the negative impact, for example plastic, rather we can create something positive — compost. This is the circular economy we are striving for. Currently, all our material and waste is put back through the manufacturing stream as a zero-waste manufacturing plant.

Sharing sustainable food packaging practices.

We never lose sight of the bigger picture, and know we can’t make significant changes on our own. It’s vital to share our insights so we can all get on board and make a difference to our environment. Our collaboration with APCO provides an avenue for the sharing of best practice resources and strategies to improve packaging design, optimise waste management processes, and reduce business costs relating to packaging waste.

In other words, we don’t hoard our knowledge of sustainable practices. We freely share them so everyone can learn from and implement our green strategies. We promote sustainable design and recycling initiatives, waste-to-landfill reduction activities, and circular economy projects. This helps support organisations as they move toward strategic sustainability approaches.

Sustainability is our top priority.

If it’s yours as well, browse our range of sustainable food packaging products or take a look at our services.

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