Christmas pudding

Christmas Pudding Packaging

The festive season bring a lot out of the woodworks during November and December, including packaging for Christmas puddings. Yes, we have a packaging design specifically for Christmas puddings.

Christmas puddings are a wonderful seasonal addition to your usual café (or other eatery) menu. Depending on the recipe you use, they can be made up to six weeks in advance. This makes them an economical option as you won’t need to discard “old” ones at the end of the day (unless it’s been more than six weeks of course). In any case, once the puddings cool, you’ll need to store them effectively. This involves storing the puddings in a cool, dark, dry place until you gift or sell them.

Whether you need to store your puddings, display them in your café cabinet, or just want some for personal gift giving, Profile Packaging has Christmas pudding ready to order.

Shop Christmas pudding packaging online.

Profile Packaging stocks specially-designed pudding bowls suitable for 400g and 900g weights. With assorted colours available, they also come with a tamper-evident packaging lid so you can ensure customers that their Christmas pudding hasn’t been mishandled. Shop the range here.

Need a winning Christmas Pudding recipe? Try this one from Taste.

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