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Fruit Punnets: Where to Bulk Buy Them in Perth

Fruit punnets, most commonly used for berries, are tiny plastic containers (we make ours from recyclable plastic). These punnets have small holes in them that allow the fruit to breathe and keep them fresher for longer. Farmers often use large punnets (which are more like crates) during the fruit picking process, while smaller ones are used for sale. You’ll see the smaller punnets in any supermarket or green grocer.

Although fruit punnets are usually used for berries, they’re also popular for mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, dates, and small fruits such as kiwifruit. However, you can basically store any fruit or vegetable in a punnet — as long as it fits.

Where can I find fruit punnets to display and sell my produce?

At Profile Packaging.

If you’re located in WA, you can purchase fruit punnets in bulk through Profile Packaging. As a leading WA packaging manufacturer, we produce a range of versatile packaging solutions. This covers open, clamshell, and “lockable” punnet packaging. Each comes in different sizes and styles to cater to different volumes and shapes of fruit and vegetables.

Our range of produce-specific punnets includes mushroom punnets, sprout punnets, cherry and grape tomato punnets, strawberry punnets, as well as large 1kg punnets. And remember, you can use punnets for anything! Place cherries, grapes, blueberries, as well as cut fruit and vegetables in punnets for practical displays.

Can I have a custom fruit punnet designed?

Yes! Our comprehensive custom packaging design solutions tick all the boxes. Our team takes into consideration the size and shape of your intended produce, as well as your specific punnet design requirements. We provide cost-effective and functional punnet packaging that begins with a prototype design for testing and approval. Then, it progresses to tooling and manufacturing for an end-to-end process. With a tightly controlled process, we’re able to deliver packaging on time, error-free.

Learn more about our custom packaging services here.

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