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Who is Profile Packaging?

Profile Packaging has been a leading Western Australian manufacturer of responsible foodservice packaging since 1989, but, so what? Whilst many companies equate longevity with success, we want to be known as more than just an enduring organisation. A lot more.

This is what makes Profile Packaging different.

We’re local.

We specialise in fruit and veg, meat and seafood, and bakery packaging, all manufactured locally. Our Perth-based manufacturing site allows us to be responsive, innovative, and creative to meet the unique needs of the Australian industry and economy. We’re also able to reinvest in and support WA’s economy by hiring local people.

We understand that for our clients, the ability to get products on the shelf fast is imperative to sales. We also know that often it’s the packaging that holds producers up in their distribution channel — but not with Profile Packaging. In a fast-paced industry, we have the ability to respond locally, without relying international supply chains. That’s a game-changing advantage.

We’re innovative.

Whether it’s standard or custom packaging, we focus on innovative practices and sustainable closed-loop solutions. We’re changing packaging culture one step at a time, actively influencing the way we produce, use, reduce, and recycle. Each action we take aims to reduce our own environmental footprint as well as the food packaging waste of WA.

Our in-house innovation and applied science continue to inform smart packaging design, which is further developed through significant onsite manufacturing capabilities, such as bespoke tooling and design customisation. We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art product developments including EVOH, MAP, and In-Line Labelling.

We’re environmentally-conscious.

We’re aiming for a circular economy that completely breaks away from the traditional — and tyrannical — fast-paced lifecycle of packaging. The extract, produce, use and discard model has to end. We recover, recycle and reuse plastic materials as much as possible. All our actions — from sourcing to production — respectfully, resourcefully, and responsibly use natural resources and energy. We want to keep as much out of landfill as possible.

A closer look.

In the packaging industry, sustainability needs to be the top priority. We’re mindful of keeping packaging materials out of landfill and maximising local circular value of materials, energy, and labour.

We use BPA-free, food grade materials, and source recyclable and degradable materials, where possible. And, we reduce our reliance on valuable resources by powering our production facility with solar energy.

The Australian government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.

We engage a closed-loop process to not only reduce and recycle, but reuse what we create as well. For example, we’re uniquely positioned to go further than reducing the negative impacts of plastic packaging, but can create new opportunities for positive changes through composting. This is the circular economy we’re striving for.

Through our closed-loop practices, we consciously contribute to the delivery of the Australian government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. When you choose Profile Packaging as your local WA supplier, you’re joining the race to reach 2025 with recycled content in packaging increased to 50%.

Profile Packaging: a packaging company you can feel good about.

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