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5 Signs You Need Better Product Packaging

Ever flipped your lid when your sandwich lid flipped open? Egg and lettuce ends up all over the car seat or on your lap… Or, maybe you’ve got the guilts when you send a non-recyclable container straight to landfill. If you’ve experienced that, your customers probably have to. So, is your product packaging causing your customers grief?

From a manufacturers perspective, there is a lot of room for improvement on the many packaging options out in the market. From leaks and spills, to BPA-free packaging, to time differences with international packaging companies, there many factors that contribute to product packaging perfection.

We’ll look at five ways your product packaging could be lacking. And, how it may be improved substantially to keep your customers coming back again and again for that egg and salad sandwich (and feel good popping it in the recycle or composting bin).

You’re getting spills

You want your customers to keep buying your food products over and over again. Even if the food inside is amazing, people won’t come back if it repeatedly doesn’t stay in the packaging…. If they experience leaks, spills and split packaging due to inferior quality packaging products, it’s time to look at what other packaging options are available. From shape to material to securing functionality for freshness and containment, quality packaging products can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look.

Your plastic is not BPA-free

BPA-free packaging is not just a buzzword. It’s a real thing and it tells your customers you have the earth’s best interests at heart. If you’re not on the BPA-free packaging bandwagon by now, it’s time to assess all the wonderful, toxin-free and environmentally friendly packaging options available in the market.

It’s not fit for the job

Whether its fruit, salads, pre-packed desserts or dinners for doggos, your food must be suited to the packaging type. Depending on liquid, requirements for clear display, or microwave-ability, the type of packaging can make or break your product. So, it’s important to choose wisely (so your customers keep choosing you!).

You’re behind in the tech

With convenience at the heart of our lives these days, the technology behind packaging must be paramount. Clever packaging ensures longer shelf lives, fresher food quality and less labour-intensive processes. For example, In-Line Labelling to change the way you label your packaging and Modified Atmosphere Packaging to keep your Meat/Poultry/Fish fresher for longer. Avoid falling into the doldrums of prehistoric packaging technology by keeping up with the latest advancements.

You’re dealing with an international company

Who needs time differences, delays and not knowing if your packaging suppliers still even exist or not? Choose a nationally-renowned packaging company, like Profile Packaging, that’s WA-based. You’ll also be supporting a local businesses, which is so important nowadays.

Operating from our Osborne Park, our friendly team are available to assist. Simply contact us for sound advice on all your packaging requirements.

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