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All You Need to Know About Profile Earth

Whether you’re a restaurant offering takeaways or end-of-meal “doggie bags”, a lunch bar, catering company, supermarket or gourmet produce grocer, you probably rely on disposable packaging. It plays a vital element in the storage, presentation and delivery of your food offering, but how can you utilise disposable packaging that’s also eco-friendly? It’s our innovative Profile Earth range.

Now more than ever, it’s important we step up and take action against our environmental footprint. And, that can start with the packaging used for your food.

One of the most innovative packaging products is the recent compostable range of sugar cane packaging. This is made from a sugarcane fibre byproduct called “bagasse” — which our very own Profile Earth range is developed from. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of using eco-friendly products, here are some features and properties of our Profile Earth selection.


Yes — it can still be put in the microwave for your customers to warm up their lunch or dinner. No more warping plastic or leaching BPAs. Nice one!

Holds food up to 90 degrees Celsius

Keep food out of the bacteria danger zone with the Profile Earth collection. The range can withstand heat of up to 90 degrees and hold food, keeping it safer, hotter and fresher.

Water resistant and oil resistant

This should be a given, but still important to know that even a plant-based packaging can withstand the wrath of liquid and oil.

Less than 90 days to break down

In less time than it takes for an AFL season to run its course, your sugar cane packaging container has broken down into landfill. Alternatively, it can also be recycled in the paper stream. Compared to Styrofoam (which takes an estimated minimum 500 years to break down in landfill!), Profile Earth is a winner.

Strong and durable

With a life of up to two years, our Profile Earth range is strong, durable and ensures food is kept contained and fresh. You can stock up and save by buying in bulk without worrying about looming expiry dates.

Easily top sealed

The containers are tamperproof and also benefit from an extended shelf life for the contents. They’re simple to seal and have a clear film made of either compostable PLA or recyclable PET.

Business benefits

By using our Profile Earth range, your business may reduce your plastic packaging footprint by up to 95%, while still preserving your food to its full capacity. And, it looks pretty, too.

Now you’re up to speed on everything you need to know about eco friendly products, and in particular sugar cane packaging, take a look at our Profile Earth range and see the benefits for yourself. The Earth and your customers will love you just little bit more for it, too.

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