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LiquiLock: New Sustainable Food Packaging

We know that our industry is responsible for a huge amount of single-use plastics and packaging. It’s an unfortunate reality in the food and supermarket industry, but thankfully, things are changing. Including us! Profile Packaging is pleased to release LiquiLock — a new, innovative line of recyclable food trays designed for meat, poultry, seafood, and fruit and veg.

Now, you can do more for the environment and show consumers that you’re an eco-conscious brand (research shows most shoppers actively look for brands with eco-packaging). Goodbye foam, hello sustainability.

LiquiLock is completely recyclable

LiquiLock provides a way to manage food tray waste responsibly. Traditionally, trays are made from foam that ends up in landfill, and accompanied by soaker pads, which are toxic for the environment. We’re taking these trays and throwing them out for good by replacing them with a completely recyclable option. Here’s how it works:

Made from recycled materials

  • LiquiLock is made from PET — the most recyclable product in the market! PET is made from 60% recycled materials.
  • We meet Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) standards (most importantly, this means peace of mind for you).

Patented ‘honeycomb’ design

  • Sunken cells ‘lock-in’ liquid that leaks from meat, poultry, seafood, or produce. This keeps food fresher by elevating it above fluids, rather than sitting in them.
  • The design holds liquids even when the tray is turned upside-down because of LiquiLock’s patented retention design (a registered design in Australia).

A win for the community

As consumers become increasingly aware of the need to be sustainable, more and more customers actively seek out eco-friendly packaging options. Respond to market demand with LiquiLock and let your customers know about your business’ waste-reduction efforts.

Start packing

LiquilLock comes in four standard butcher sizes — all are 35mm deep and can be used to stock meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, or veg. Ask for a free sample or demonstration today.

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