Top 5 Tasty Takeaway Bowl Meals

Whether you’re a catering company, a gourmet store or a lunch bar serving up noontime tummy fillers, you’ll understand the importance of not only sturdy and reliable packaging, but also a sensational meal to put in it!

Bowl meals are so on trend at the moment, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to give you some inspiration. From salads to Mexican inspired eats to a tasty dessert, here are our top 5 takeaway bowl meals.

Poke Bowl

Originating in Hawaii, poke bowls have really gained in popularity over the last few years because of their utter deliciousness. What goes in? Traditionally, cubed raw ahi or yellow fin tuna, which has been marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil and then tossed with spring onions. Poke bowls are usually jazzed up with other tasty additions now like edamame beans, pickled veg, rice, seaweed, avocado, mayo and more. The poke bowl is your oyster, so get creative!

Burrito Bowl

Basically a burrito, without the tortilla, in a bowl. Genius! We’re talking all the good filling stuff: rice, tasty meat of choice (pulled pork, chicken, beef or veggie option), cheese, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and even a few corn chips for dipping don’t go astray in this hearty takeaway bowl meal.

Salad Bowl

Ok, so this one needs no introduction. Salads have always come in bowls. But just THINK about all the crazy amazing salady options out there. You’ve got Caesar, Greek, Nicoise, pasta salad, potato salad, green salad, garden salad, bean, Thai Beef salad, Asian noodle salad, fruit salad, coleslaw, salsa, prawn salad, rice salad and so on. The only one we haven’t really heard of yet is chocolate salad. We think it’s only a mater of time…

Buddha Bowl

Say what? Yep, a Buddha Bowl is a thing and not only is it magnificently mouth watering, it is super healthy to boot. So grab your lunch bowl packaging of choice and layer up a host of healthy plant-based treats including your grain or rice of choice; tofu, tempeh or falafel; fresh or roasted veggies; greens or sprouts; nuts or seeds; pickled vegies, sauerkraut or kimchi; and a tasty dressing to top it off (think Asian inspired, tahini sauce, creamy cashew or even pesto to pack a flavourful punch).

Acai Bowl

Last but nut least (pun intended, sorry) (or are we?), the Acai Bowl deserves an honourable mention in the breakfast/dessert department. Sweet and sensational, your takeaway meal packaging has never housed something so colourful, healthy and yummy in all its life. Frozen acai puree is blended with an assortment of other frozen fruits like berries and/or bananas and a milk of choice till delightfully smooth, thick and creamy, poured into your lunch bowl packaging of choice and then topped with your choice of nuts, seeds, granola, coconut, or fresh fruit. Heaven in a bowl.

Now you’re up to speed on all the trending takeaway bowl meals, take a look at our wide range of takeaway meal packaging and lunch bowl packaging solutions and get cooking! We’re always here to help with any questions, too.

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